I’ve owned an Akai MPK-49 controller keyboard for nearly three years. It’s built (fairly) well, surviving a couple of years’ worth of gigs with only minor damage and almost totally functional. What isn’t so good are the pads. They’re dreadful. Akai’s MPC series drum-samplers have legendary pads – their 4×4 layout, solid construction and that slightly grippy rubberised texture are an iconic design.

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This was so exciting I had to break my usual practice of only writing about music or computing… A father & son team from the US have launched an HD video camera tied beneath a weather balloon into space! They tracked its flight and descent as best they could using mass-produced GPS equipment and were able to recover the footage once it crash/landed.

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

A good friend, Mat Connolley from web design partnership Iteracy, brought this to my attention, by linking up the story here.


Over the last few days I’ve been rebuilding the contents of my laptop. It was slowing down and crashing more than I found acceptable *. Some changes have been made since the prvious build.

  • I’m back on Leopard 10.5.4. This is the last version supported by Digidesign’s Pro-Tools 7.4. I’d upgrade to 8 (and leopard 10.5.8), but my bandmate/mentor and Alaska Studios where I “tape-op” are using 7.4. The upside is that Pro-Tools works fine. There are 2 notable downsides. Firstly, my Magic Mouse wont work past pointing and clicking (left and right “buttons” work ok tho’). Secondly, I can’t use the iTunes Store through iTunes9, as it requires a version of Safari that wont install on this version of Leopard. It’s ridiculous being caught in version support games played by the various manufacturers. Read the rest of this entry »

I can scarcely believe it but my Chimera Synthesis BC16 has ACTUALLY ARRIVED!  The tiny round synth is here. Take a look at its cute white glowing wondrousness.

A simple BC16 patch

A simple BC16 patch

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Sergi Jordà came to the Dana Center back in June to take part in a discussion panel and show off his Reactable. The thing blows my mind so I felt very fortunate getting to hear him speak and to watch/hear him perform with it.

Sergi Jordà plays the Reactable

– Sergi Jordà plays the Reactable –

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