Some friends, as The Dead Pets Society, run an irregular series of club nights, for which I’ve been “the sound guy” at most of the recent ones. They held another of these “occasionals” last friday, and I helped out in my usual fashion. The venue, Ryan’s Bar in Stoke Newington, holds regular music and club events. The manager likes The Dead Pets a lot and begged them to return – they’re quirky and host off-kilter shows with a diverse range of acts and ideas. This one was themed to celebrate Lief Erikson day, the US’ memorial for the real first European to find North America. I’d mention the yellow submarines, but that might be too obscure a reference for most…

There were three bands, plus DJs.

  • Lonesome Cowboys from Hell play a twisted country sound, with added spooky atmospherics that match their American gothic look. Their lyrics will turn your stomach if their outfits don’t get you first.
  • Bolide improvise spacious, agitated soundscapes, with more than a nod to the free-jazz of the late 60s.
  • Justin Paton has a solo act to compliment his role in Now, jamming simple but very effective acid house on minimal gear.


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Domestic Disturbance descended on my friend Andrew McWilliams‘ flat a few weekends ago. About 15 people installed artworks or performed something whilst the 30-strong crowd chatted, sipped beers or snacked on the crazy food by Schrodinger’s Cake (everything that looked sweet was savoury and everything that seemed to be savoury was sweet!). I tried to perform something, and I’ll talk about that below.

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So much fun!

Blanco played the new FixedFear night at CAMP, the Saturday just past. It was great, despite us breaking a speaker! The crowd danced, we played pretty well, and the vibe in the venue was fantastic. Here’s to more like that!

We shared with bill with the excellent Jem Cooke and DJs Nick Priestley and Reverend JFK. Even our own Jamie Blanco span some tunes. There’s another one on December the 19th with more bands.


We’re playing a show for the FixedFear night at City Arts & Music Project, 70-74 City Road, London. The temporary venue’s pretty new and we’re playing the opening night of a regular monthly shindig. The visuals are coming out to play along with a couple of new songs. Also playing on the night are Jem Cooke & FixedFear’s resident soundsmiths. And, by luck and favour, it’s FR££ to get in! See you down there!


Tortoise have been in my CD collection for ages. I own “Standards” & have heard some of their other albums. I don’t love them but they interest me so I went to see them at London’s The Garage last week. I was intrigued how they’d present their intricate, atmospheric but never wishy-washy sound on stage. Oh, that plus my good friend bought me a ticket and made me go…

Tortoise at The GarageTortoise at The Garage

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Blanco are performing their first gig!

Having sorted out the technical wizardry, visuals, nice sounds and cups of tea, Blanco is ready to roll! The first gig is on Thursday July 16th at The Windmill, 22 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton, London, SW2 5BZ.

The band fuses a stocky pop sound & sharp electronica with Jamie’s finely crafted modern songs & bass, Bob’s hybrid drum-computer rig, Jess’ delightful backing vocals and myself on keys. We sound like the raving ADHD lovechild of David Byrne & Devo with The Chemical Brothers as godparents. We’re supporting the lucious Defend Moscow and it’s gonna rock!