Yesterday’s Google Doodle was an homage to Heinrich Hertz. The man’s work touches all of us, in developed countries at least, on a daily basis, if not more often. Wikipedia says:

“He was the first to conclusively prove[1] the existence of electromagnetic waves by engineeringinstruments to transmit and receive radio pulses using experimental procedures that ruled out all other known wireless phenomena”

The scientific community saw fit to name the unit of frequency in honor of his work.

Electromagnetism propagates in waves, and so does sound through materials. Numerous other phenomena exhibit cyclic behaviour and frequency measurements are used in dozens of fields of human endeavour. You could write a grimoire on the art, science and culture touched by cyclic patterns, so I’ll stop here before that project takes over my life.

I’m a day late so I missed my chance to take a screen shot of the doodle – it was an amplitude modulated sine wave in the corporate colour-scheme. You get a nice spread of hits if you Google his name.


Some friends, as The Dead Pets Society, run an irregular series of club nights, for which I’ve been “the sound guy” at most of the recent ones. They held another of these “occasionals” last friday, and I helped out in my usual fashion. The venue, Ryan’s Bar in Stoke Newington, holds regular music and club events. The manager likes The Dead Pets a lot and begged them to return – they’re quirky and host off-kilter shows with a diverse range of acts and ideas. This one was themed to celebrate Lief Erikson day, the US’ memorial for the real first European to find North America. I’d mention the yellow submarines, but that might be too obscure a reference for most…

There were three bands, plus DJs.

  • Lonesome Cowboys from Hell play a twisted country sound, with added spooky atmospherics that match their American gothic look. Their lyrics will turn your stomach if their outfits don’t get you first.
  • Bolide improvise spacious, agitated soundscapes, with more than a nod to the free-jazz of the late 60s.
  • Justin Paton has a solo act to compliment his role in Now, jamming simple but very effective acid house on minimal gear.


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This was so exciting I had to break my usual practice of only writing about music or computing… A father & son team from the US have launched an HD video camera tied beneath a weather balloon into space! They tracked its flight and descent as best they could using mass-produced GPS equipment and were able to recover the footage once it crash/landed.

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

A good friend, Mat Connolley from web design partnership Iteracy, brought this to my attention, by linking up the story here.


A friend of mine, public artist Hannah Hull, is hosting a seminar on the relationship between art and mental health. She’s looking to find people with stories and experience to speak at the event. Below is what she has to say:

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Find three words, write them out, display in public, make a photograph, share them online.

Three Word Poems website

I’m very proud to announce the recent launch of www.threewordpoems.com. The site acts as a repository and online gallery for short poems, with accompanying photographs. Anyone can join, for free, to share their works.

I build the site from scratch, based on some beermat plans made with a friend at the tail end of a rather fine house party. Excuse the mess. We’ll be very grateful for any contributions to the site so please sign up and add your own. The focus of the project is on community art, guerilla art, the use of public space as temporary art gallery. Your words count, but we’re really hoping people draw on the original spirit of the thing with very public displays of creativity.