The Three Elements
The Knobs have been playing their fidget house/breaks/dubstep/dirty pop mashups all over the North of England all summer and they rock. An’ reet good they are.


Anyone else feel like the two big Apple software updates this week, iTunes 9 and iPhone 3.1, are more about building platforms to encourage users to spend more money through Apple than they are about genuinely useful tools? I don’t expect any company to make products that don’t encourage users (or advertisers) to give them money, but the current updates “feel” wrong.

The company appears to be shifting its focus. They used to be known for creating tools & platforms that are similar to but better than their competitors. Now, they’re instead concentrating on putting systems for ongoing, small-scale revenue-generation into the pockets of their user-base. I find this ugly, uncomfortable and a let-down. I tried hard to disbelieve Jascon Calcani, but iTunes 9 and iPhone 3.1 seem only to reinforce his message.


Tortoise have been in my CD collection for ages. I own “Standards” & have heard some of their other albums. I don’t love them but they interest me so I went to see them at London’s The Garage last week. I was intrigued how they’d present their intricate, atmospheric but never wishy-washy sound on stage. Oh, that plus my good friend bought me a ticket and made me go…

Tortoise at The GarageTortoise at The Garage

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