I’ve owned an Akai MPK-49 controller keyboard for nearly three years. It’s built (fairly) well, surviving a couple of years’ worth of gigs with only minor damage and almost totally functional. What isn’t so good are the pads. They’re dreadful. Akai’s MPC series drum-samplers have legendary pads – their 4×4 layout, solid construction and that slightly grippy rubberised texture are an iconic design.

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I’ve just heard Dave Clarke, the infamous techno DJ, talking in a Resident Advisor podcast pointing out how strange it was that CDs came out in the early 80s containing nearly a Gigabyte of data, when the rest of the commercial technology market had devices of more like 32k – that’s 20,000 times less data. This geeky detail, when you shine a metaphorical torch on it, seems bizarre, and almost epoch shifting. Did the CD do more for the adoption of digital technology into day to day life than, say, the early desktop computers? And why is a techno DJ pointing this out to me, rather than a computer scientist or technology commentator?