Over the last few days I’ve been rebuilding the contents of my laptop. It was slowing down and crashing more than I found acceptable *. Some changes have been made since the prvious build.

  • I’m back on Leopard 10.5.4. This is the last version supported by Digidesign’s Pro-Tools 7.4. I’d upgrade to 8 (and leopard 10.5.8), but my bandmate/mentor and Alaska Studios where I “tape-op” are using 7.4. The upside is that Pro-Tools works fine. There are 2 notable downsides. Firstly, my Magic Mouse wont work past pointing and clicking (left and right “buttons” work ok tho’). Secondly, I can’t use the iTunes Store through iTunes9, as it requires a version of Safari that wont install on this version of Leopard. It’s ridiculous being caught in version support games played by the various manufacturers.
  • I’ve ditched MAMP as my quick-and-dirty web server. This could be counter-productive as I’ve had to manually (learn to) configure Apache for virtual hosts, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and a few other things. However, previously, I couldn’t get MAMP and virtual hosts to work, so this set-up pain will hopefully bear fruit in the long-run. Jeremy Keith’s tutorial on setting this all up proved the most useful of the many I’ve found. Incidentally, in a past life, I lived in Brighton, UK, and spent a lot of time reading the Brighton New Media mailing list where I learned a lot from Jeremy. I met him a couple of times and went to hear his excellent band. I don’t know if they still play but he’s since become a guru and oracle in web development circles around the world. I got a pleasant twang of nostalgia and reading his simple, practical advice once more.
  • I’ve gone back to using GMail rather than Apple’s Mail. I didn’t have any real problems with Mail and it connected to GMail fine. I enjoyed using it to manage the three mail accounts I use most often. However, GMail’s use of “labels” is a great organisational tool and I”m glad to be able to use it more effectively again. It’s also saved me over 5Gig of hard drive space.

* It’s actually still “dying” more than I find acceptable. Currently, I’m blaming Digidesign. If the MBox 2 is connected and I shut down the computer, it’ll give me the “pretty translucent multi-lingual screen of death” instead of fully shutting down. I’ve not tested this exhaustively, so it MIGHT not be Digidesign’s fault, but I have also noticed that the coreaudiod process is usually flagged as “not responding” (although I do still get sound out of both the Built-In Output and my MBox2 as required). Odd.

One Response to “Have you tried restarting your machine…?”

We use MacPorts in the office – it’s a great way of being able to simply install any server, database, language you need for your development environment.

And you can’t beat Gmail for productivity! :)

January 18th, 2010