I’ve uploaded some sounds from the BC 16 to SoundCloud, for playing and sharing. They’re all made with the patch leads set up the same way, but with different settings to some of the controls. And they mostly sound like sirens in rave reocrds!

Here’s a photo of the patching:

BC16 "Swinging pendulums" patch
… and a description because the BC16 doesn’t come with any labels:

  • VCO out to VCA in
  • +3v into the VCA CV in – to boost the output level
  • LFO output connected to OSC1&2 difference  and OSC1 CV, so it’s rapidly varying both the pitch and the difference between the two oscillators
  • ADSR, set to constantly run (sustain at 0), driving both the FM depth and the LFO CV, so the rate of oscillation of the controls in the previous bullet point change through time as well

The setup creates complex sweeps of multiple parameters over shifting timescales. The overall effect is that it’s hard to tell which oscillator is the fundamental. And they’re pretty trance-inducing!

BC16 Sweeping pendulums by 2SD

With very wide sweep ranges on the FM and OSC1 pitch, a lot of artefacts are introduced to the sound. Getting manual with some of the controls reveals fine variation and some odd “hidden” sweeps in parts of the frequency range buried within the overall sound.

BC16 Sweeping pendulums-4 by 2SD

Please don’t ask exactly what I changed for each clip – I jammed about 30 minutes of very hypnotic oscillations and I think I shifted my mind state away from “normal” in the process. Loosely,  at various times, I changed the Attack and Release time of the ADSR, the waveform shapes, oscillator 1 modulation amount, the difference between the two oscillators and the FM depth.

BC16 Swinging Pendulums by 2SD