So much fun!

Blanco played the new FixedFear night at CAMP, the Saturday just past. It was great, despite us breaking a speaker! The crowd danced, we played pretty well, and the vibe in the venue was fantastic. Here’s to more like that!

We shared with bill with the excellent Jem Cooke and DJs Nick Priestley and Reverend JFK. Even our own Jamie Blanco span some tunes. There’s another one on December the 19th with more bands.


We’re playing a show for the FixedFear night at City Arts & Music Project, 70-74 City Road, London. The temporary venue’s pretty new and we’re playing the opening night of a regular monthly shindig. The visuals are coming out to play along with a couple of new songs. Also playing on the night are Jem Cooke & FixedFear’s resident soundsmiths. And, by luck and favour, it’s FR££ to get in! See you down there!